28 Days Later reignited the long dormant zombie genre, and kickstarted the careers of Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris. We’re on the empty streets of London to deep dive into Danny Boyle’s horror movie classic.

Written by , 29th September 2023

Ok, Jim. I’ve got some bad news.

Waking up in hospital, bike messenger Jim enters the eerily empty streets of London, not knowing what has happened in the last 28 days. Finding the only humans alive, Jim and his crew find out that nowhere is safe as they make their way through the rage infected streets, in search of safety.

Danny Boyle’s aggressively low-fi entry into the zombie genre is as impactful as it was 21 years ago. Uncompromising and intentionally shot through low grade equipment, 28 Days Later kicked started a pop culture craze that is still felt today.

There’s no government. No army. No police. No TV. No radio. No electricity. But there’ll always be ATRM.

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