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Our 20 most recent episodes of ATRM Classic are widely and readily available – everything else goes into the ATRM archive. Become a patron, and you will gain full access to those archived episodes.

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Double Feature

Double Feature is our monthly show where we pit two common movie head-to-head and decide on a winner. We also recommend movies for you based on what we’ve been watching.

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Director's cut episodes

We set aside a whole day to record each episode and some last for a lot longer than expected. We take out a lot of great content we would love to keep in and sometimes go off in some unexpected directions but it’s always all killer, no filler. At least 90 minutes additional content per episode.

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You run the show

Are we yet to cover your favourite movie? This is your chance to sit in the director’s chair, take charge, and decide what movie features in our main ATRM Classic show.

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